Oil Valley Vick & the NWPA Wooly Bear Society

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Vicks Official Pronouncement

On October 24th 2008, at 12:13 pm Oil Valley Vick pronounced that it would be a harsh winter. 

 The Official Proclamation:

"The leaves are falling from their bough. The ground gets colder and quieter now. These are the signs that I seek, I look for more every week. 13 segments I am made of. For the 13 weeks of winter your afraid of. I'm much more black this year, its true. Its going to be bad for me----Much worse for you!

Its all about Vick

  Oil Valley Vick is the weather wise wooly bear of Venango County. Legend says that during the Oil Region's  heydays oilmen would take an odd little brown worm known as the "Wooly Bear" that can be found in abundance in NWPA and dip both ends in the parafin rich crude. The Wooly Bear was known to be able to repel the staining effects of the crude and if the stain stayed it would be a harsh winter. If the stain was repelled it would be a mild winter.

  Through the years the Wooly Bear adapted to this oil dripping tradition and now permanetly bears the marks of the staining. From Grandparent,  to parent, to child we are brought up with the Wooly Bears uncanny foresight to predict the winter by looking at the black ends of the bear.

Oil Valley Vick

Wooly Bear Facts

  Wooly Bears are daytime creatures, and can be found almost anywhere, but are most often seen on roadways or trails, during the autumn months.  Wooly Bears can move 4ft per minute or .05 mph. Wooly Bears eat weeds and plants found in old oil fields. They also make their own antifreeze and can survive in -50 degree weather, and have been found frozen in ice and once the ice thawed the Wooly Bear was alive and well.